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Spring 17

The release brings some exciting new features and enhancements, scroll down to learn more.

Import Wizard

The import wizard allows you to combine some of our most popular features seamlessly. You can quickly add Salesforce records from any object via a list view or report. You can also include additional fields from Salesforce to enhance your Campaign Monitor lists for segmentation or personalization. Finally, you can schedule the import for future runs automating a time-consuming process. This is the initial release of the import wizard. More to features to come!

Prevent Member Sync

For customers with large numbers of subscribers in a list, you can now choose to not sync those subscriber members to Salesforce whilst still benefiting from many of the Campaign Monitor for Salesforce features. This setting can be enabled on the subscriber list detail page under advanced options.

When this feature is enabled on a list, some features will no longer work. I.e. a) automated checking of the Salesforce Email Opt Out checkbox will not be updated.

Tightened Security

We have tightened up a few areas around security in-line with Salesforce best practice. The implications of this are that all users now need to be assigned a permission set in order for Campaign Monitor for Salesforce to operate correctly.

The ownership of data that is imported into Salesforce from Campaign Monitor can now be controlled by a new field named Salesforce User on the Campaign Monitor Client Detail record. When this value is set, the owner of the child records (i.e. Subscriber lists, subscriber members and Email Tracking History) will be set to the user specified in Salesforce User.

When the Salesforce org is upgraded to this release, the Campaign Monitor - User Access permission set will be automatically assigned to any Salesforce users who already have read access to the Subscriber List object. If a user doesn't have permissions, a message will be created in maintenance messages.

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