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Spring 19

In this release we have focused on enhancing existing functionally. The main upgrade has been with Smart Emails.

Transactional Email (Smart Email) Upgrade

Smart transactional emails has been upgraded to take advantage of the Salesforce Lightning Design System. Navigation is faster and easier. We have also targeted a number of under the hood performance improvements when bulk processing transactional emails.

Performance Improvements

We've done a bunch of back end work to improve the performance when syncing from Salesforce to Campaign Monitor. This should hopefully mean less Apex Jobs in the queue and less conflicts with any jobs you may have.

Optional Full Sync

Salesforce can be highly configured - which is great, but it comes at a cost. Sometime custom code or configuration can conflict with Campaign Monitor for Salesforce in a way that we can’t predict. Over the years we have tuned and tuned to cater for every scenario we can think of, but sometimes it’s simply not possible to catch all cases.

To capture these outlier cases we have introduced a new toggle called Perform full daily sync of subscribers.  This setting will sync all subscriber details from Campaign Monitor back into Salesforce. The sync will occur daily - typically around 3am for hourly jobs and each time the daily or weekly sync occurs. The hourly sync will continue to perform an incremental sync whilst the optional daily will perform a full sync.

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