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Spring 20

  • General Settings Sync Page
  • Improved messaging
  • Performance & Navigation

The Spring 2020 release provides performance and navigation improvements (along with the a few bug fixes).

General Settings - Sync Page

The sync settings page has had various design and UX performance improvements. The Sync Settings page is now simpler. The status of running background jobs and reporting of any sync issues has been improved. A bunch of settings have now been moved under the General Options sidebar tab.

Improved Messaging

Throughout the application, we have added or improved messaging to make the user experience more fluid. Administrators will find our maintenance section captures more problems and explains them in greater detail.

Performance & Navigation Improvements

We have worked to make pages load faster and have also improved application navigation. You will find that loading pages in Lightning is a lot faster and fits better within overall layout.

When in Salesforce Lightning the Subscriber List tab now points to a standard list view. This means you can now created your own filters, sorting etc based on subscriber lists (like you could in Classic).

The default home page for Campaign Monitor in Salesforce is now the new Subscriber List tab. This is the home of the application.

In lightning, you can choose to open the primary Campaign Monitor tab in its own window (outside of Salesforce). It still auto log in to Campaign Monitor based on the security settings assigned to your Salesforce user. The setting for this is called "Show tabs on the Campaign Monitor layout in Salesforce" and can be found under General Options.

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