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Summer 19

In this release we have added a some new features as well as improving the overall application.

Import Wizard - Salesforce Campaigns

In addition to being able to import from a report, list view or SOQL this release allows you to use a Salesforce Campaign. You can also filter on particular statuses. On the mapping screen we provide many Campaign and Campaign Member fields which you can map to Campaign Monitor.

Journey Email Tracking

Due to recent change in Campaign Monitor API we are now able to pull in tracking history from journeys. These will be display in our current email tracking object and can been seen as related list on the contact or lead page layouts. In addition we have added a new field called type which shows if the record come from a campaign or journey.

Suppression list

Another improvement on the Campaign Monitor side has meant we can now show the suppression list inside Salesforce. This can be found as a related list on the Campaign Monitor client record. If you are using an agency style account each client will have its own suppression list.

Performance Improvements

We've done a bunch of back end work to improve the performance when syncing from Salesforce to Campaign Monitor. This should hopefully mean less Apex Jobs in the queue and less conflicts with any jobs you may have.

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