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Summer 20

  • Webinar
  • Open and click rates
  • Audit screen
  • Download invoices
  • Performance improvements

The Summer 2020 release provides 3 new features and some performance improvements (along with the a few bug fixes).


A few weeks ago we held a webinar with our good friends at Campaign Monitor. If you missed it here is the link.

Open and click rates

You can now see open and click rates on the subscriber list membership record. These are calculated from the email tracking history stored in Salesforce.

Audit Screen

The new audit function is part of a new set of features aimed to help our customers understand more about subscribers. The audit feature can be accessed via a subscriber list on the member's section. The feature allows you to quickly check the status of any email address within Campaign Monitor (E.g. check if the email is on the suppression list).

In addition you can view the audit for a particular member record, this will show you:

1. How the subscriber was imported.
2. The subscribers current status.
3. If a subscriber is on the suppression list.
4. A table which shows if the email address belongs to any other contacts or leads.


You can now download Campaign Monitor for Salesforce invoices via our in-app billing page. This has been a popular request and is now possible for recently generated invoices. Simply click the print button under actions.

Performance Improvements

We continue our work to make pages load faster and have also improved application navigation. You will find that loading pages in Lightning is a lot faster and fits better within overall layout.

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