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This page contains troubleshooting tips when working in different areas of our application.

Syncing Emails between Salesforce and Campaign Monitor

At the subscriber list membership level data flows in both directions i.e. Salesforce to Campaign Monitor and Campaign Monitor to Salesforce.

- The Sync Settings, Create Records and Field Mappings pages control how data flows from Campaign Monitor to Salesforce.
- The Import Wizard, Field Mappings, Process Builder etc functions control how data flows from Salesforce to Campaign Monitor.

If data is not flowing as expected, we have a few tips for diagnosing the problem.

Salesforce to Campaign Monitor
The audit feature is a great way to answer commonly asked questions such as:

Why is an email address not being added to Campaign Monitor?
When was it added, and how?
What is the current status?
Is the email address on a suppression list?
Are there duplicate records in Salesforce for this email address?

The audit feature appears in three places:

1. On a subscriber list membership record underneath system information. 
2. On a subscriber list within the member section as a button.
3. On a subscriber list within the member section as a dropdown menu.

Campaign Monitor to Salesforce
Problems with data flowing from Campaign Monitor to Salesforce will be captured in our maintenance logs.  If you have issues with field mapping or email opts, the first spot to check is the logs.


If you correct the problem or want to see if the error is occurring you can refresh just the affected subscriber list. To do that simply go the subscriber list, select members and click the Refresh button.

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