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Segmenting Salesforce Records

  • Campaign Monitor "segments" allow you to target people within a subscriber list. See: List Segmentation

  • Campaign Monitor Segments can be based on Salesforce data/custom fields.

  • Campaign Monitor for Salesforce keeps custom fields up to date in Campaign Monitor, which in turn will update your segments.

Campaign Monitor Segments Segments can be used with email Campaigns.

Keeping custom fields up to date with Campaign Monitor for Salesforce is easy using one of these two options:

Option 1 - Import wizard

This import wizard allows you to add Salesforce records to Campaign Monitor. You can also create and map custom fields.  You can schedule the import to run every hour of every day which will add records and update custom field values.

Option 2 - Field mappings

Although the import wizard is the most popular way to add records to Campaign Monitor there are other methods:

Using any of the four methods above will, be default, only send over a Lead or Contact email and the name field. If you want to include additional information which can then be used with Campaign Monitor segments, you can map further fields using custom field mappings.

Custom field mappings work independently to the field mappings in the Import Wizard. This is because custom field mappings can only map fields that have a direct link to the Lead or Contact object, whereas the Import Wizard can use any fields in Salesforce, as long as it contains an email (this could even be a custom email address field - e.g. on a custom Opportunity object).

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