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  • Once you have installed you get a 14 day trial of the premium features.

  • You can purchase at any time within the application.

  • After 14 days you will be placed on the free plan unless you have purchased.

The Campaign for Salesforce application is charged separately to Campaign Monitor (i.e. Campaign Monitor does the sending of emails etc, whilst Campaign Monitor for Salesforce manages the email data within Salesforce and the syncing of records between the two systems).




Add a Salesforce Contact/Lead to a Subscriber List

View Subscriber Lists associated to a Salesforce Contact or Lead

Unsubscribe Salesforce Contacts or Leads from a Subscriber List

Access Campaign Monitor without leaving Salesforce

View Subscriber List details within Salesforce

Manage Email Opt In/Out settings

See Email Tracking (Open, Clicks, Bounces etc) alongside your Salesforce Contacts/Leads.

Link Salesforce Campaigns to Campaign Monitor Campaigns

Add Salesforce Campaign Members to Campaign Monitor Subscriber Lists

Use Salesforce subscriber data to deliver 1:1 Personalized content

Trigger Campaign Monitor Journeys using Salesforce data

Generate Salesforce reports and dashboard with Campaign Monitor data

Advanced automation using Salesforce Process Builder

Send one off emails from Salesforce via Campaign Monitor

Use rules to automatically subscribe or unsubscribe Contacts and Leads from lists

Pass any Salesforce data between Salesforce and Campaign Monitor

Manage multiple Campaign Monitor clients in Salesforce

Auto create and link Salesforce Campaigns to Campaign Monitor Campaigns

Easily manage Salesforce storage

Automatically create and update Salesforce Campaign Member Statuses

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